From super slob to superhuman, Lester Savage completely transformed his body and mind through a whirlwind of research into neuroscience, biology, psychology, anthropology and spirituality. He lived in a Buddhist centre, trained his body to endure sub-zero temperatures and lost over 100lbs. Physically, intellectually and emotionally Lester discovered the key to unlocking true human potential… changing our biochemistry.
Science has proven our hunter-gatherer ancestors were given definite biological rewards/feelings for operating within certain evolutionary parameters. These rewards/feelings gave them the physical and mental strength to do incredible things. It made them happier, stronger, braver and healthier. To us, they would seem like superhumans.

Despite living in the best era of human history, we need only briefly look around to see that something is terribly wrong. Depression and anxiety is dramatically on the rise, obesity is considered the new epidemic, and although our cities are filled with millions of people it has never been so easy to feel completely alone. It’s obvious that western culture isn’t working for our species. By moving away from the evolutionary parameters most of us have stopped getting this biological reward.

We now know that the reward experienced by our ancestors was a biochemical response in the brain and body - a series of neurotransmitters that act as a catalyst for strong mental and physical health. Thankfully we don’t need to return to a primitive style of living to also experience these feelings; by making small lifestyle changes and working within the correct evolutionary parameters we can begin to produce a consistent flow of these neurotransmitters too. The result? We become superhuman. We become biochemically sober.

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The one major thing that has to happen before an effective personal transformation can take place [pg.19]

How being emotionally or logically invested in a concept can be the difference between life and death [pg.21]

How sharing genes with our caveman ancestors influences everything we do [pg.24]

Discover the definitive reward/feeling experienced by people 14,000 years ago which is now lacking from 1 in 3 of us [pg.26]

The increasingly rare neurotransmitters our bodies can naturally release to make us happier, healthier and stronger individuals [pg.27]

Why living within our evolutionary parameters will give us increased energy, mental clarity and an abundant level of joy [pg.28]

How the natural methods explained in this book have been likened to taking a drug, allowing people to feel 'high on life' [pg.28]

Why the current global medical system is breaking down and won't be fixed anytime soon [pg.29]

Why we are not trapped by the DNA we’ve been given and how we can turn certain genes on and off to give us the best chances in life [pg.33]

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The power of epigenetics and why our destiny is not set in stone [pg.34]

What causes stress, depression, anxiety and anger but more importantly what we can do about it [pg.39]

Why modern-day symptoms of depression can be linked back to cavemen living 14,000 years ago [pg.40]

What causes us to move from the happy logical part of our mind to the depressed, anxious and angry part, even when there’s no danger around [pg.41]

Learn the number one ageing hormone and how we can reduce it [pg.44]

The number one way we can increase our brain power and prevent it from deteriorating [pg.49]

Learn to strengthen the neural pathways we want and lose the ones which have been holding us back [pg.51]

The weekly brain training exercise that has been proven to make people happier and help in preventing suicide [pg.59]

Why a diagnosis of 'depression' and 'anxiety' can worsen our mental health [pg.70]

The worst 3 words to use if you want to live a healthy and happy life [pg.81]

An Incredible Mixture Of Anthropology, Neuroscience, Psychology, Biology, Fitness, Nutrition and Biohacking... All Helping To Understand What It Means To Be A Healthy Human In The 21st Century
The number 1 habit performed by 80% of the world's top performers [pg.93]

How it's possible to experience the same great feelings time and time again [pg.98]

The best tool to synchronise the electrical rhythms of the brain, heart and lungs [pg.125]

The most important body part you’ve never heard of [pg.131]
The one thing you can do right now that can make your cells 30% more effective [pg.132]

The best breathing exercise to reduce lactic acid and allow you to enter a peaceful state of mind [p.135]

How to run 150 miles barefoot in one go and out-run dogs and horses over long distance [p.150]
Always Hungry? Experiencing Stress Or Fatigue? 
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This one thing per week will greatly reduce bone loss, reduce risk of injury and improve motor function [pg.155]

The 3 foods linked to premature aging, reduced cognitive function and unwanted weight gain [pg.171]

Are all calories equal? The reason why what we eat matters far more than how much we eat [pg.175]

These 19 vegetables can decrease the risk of cancer by 41% compared to 28 other vegetables [pg.182]

This ‘healthy’ food can actually inhibit cognitive performance [pg.182]

The guide to satiating hunger and conquering cravings [pg.184]

The 30 second life hack which reduces stress, inflammation, injury and depression [pg.207]

The gym equipment responsible for reducing your chances of Alzheimer’s by 20% [pg.212]

How one woman overcame the mental illness of the voices in her head [pg.240]

Why Navy Seals can seemingly push their bodies past exhaustion to complete incredible physical and mental tasks [pg.250]

4 sleep hacks to get an incredible night’s sleep which will leave you feeling happier and refreshed [pg.251]

Why 33% of scientific studies aren’t true, no matter the quality of the study or researchers [pg.257]

The tools that keep Barack Obama, Tony Robbins, Ray Dalio and Arianna Huffington at the top of their industry [pg.268]

The number one question responsible for getting you back to your peak [pg.271]